28 May 2010


Warmer today than yesterday, though.  Daytime high was 23 degrees.  Everything else is the same.  Oh, except we played basketball.  And I didn't have rice anymore so I bought dinner at the convenience store.  And there aren't any classes today.  Starting next week and until around mid- to end of July, I'll have 1 class during Wednesdays, 2 classes on Thursdays, and 1 class on Fridays.

I re-arranged my furniture a little bit to accommodate my much awaited and much anticipated gas stove!  Today I confirmed what kind of gas line I have - it's the city gas line, different from the other type which is propane gas.  I'm still a little confused but basically I just need to bring a piece of paper to the store and show to them what kind of stove I need.  I'm excited to cook Filipino food.  After almost a month and a half, I miss it so much already.  I'm buying my stove tomorrow.

Dunno if I've posted it on this blog, but the other day, some of the Chinese students heated something on the microwave - it smelled like Nilagang Baboy.  Suddenly I craved for Nilagang Baboy also!!!  And Sinigang.  And Pork Steak!  And Tapsilog!  Hmmm, I wonder if I can make Sisig...  Yup, I'm not a big fan of Adobo.  I'm generally not a fan of very salty and fatty food, and that is actually my problem here.  Usually it's fried breaded _____.  Fried breaded pork (e.g. tonkatsu).  Fried breaded chicken (i.e. chicken nugget).  Fried breaded beef (i.e. burger).  Fried breaded fish (i.e. fish fillet).  Fried breaded shrimp (i.e. tempura).  Fried breaded squid (i.e. calamares).  They all come with egg (to bind together the breading)......  Together with the cooking oil which I don't know what they used (vegetable oil or something else?), it's the big, scary monster called....  Cholesterol!

I want to taste Kinilaw also...  Yeah, I know I can make Kinilaw even without the stove actually.  My problem with Kinilaw is that fish is generally expensive!  And...  I can't yet read the Hiragana/Kanji labels at the grocery.  Like there's this dilis-looking fish at the grocery but I'm not sure what it is and what it is intended for.  Has anyone ever done Kinilaw na Salmon?  Ehehehe.  Salmon meat is the only one I know that it is what it is when I see one.

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