28 February 2013

Bento! #244: Tuna Mayo Onigiri with lots of Mayo!

Or たっぷりマヨのツナマヨ / tappuri mayo no tsuna mayo. 125 yen from 3F. Yummy.

They weren't joking about this having lots of mayo! :D

27 February 2013

Bento! #243: 八丁味噌ラーメン / hatchou miso raamen / Hatcho Miso Ramen

This was around 400 yen at the cafeteria.
It's... not something I'd order again. Actually, a (non-Japanese) friend of mine already tried this before I did and he didn't like it. When I tried it, it's fine. It's not so bad. But it's just not something I'd want. It does have egg, as you can see, some fried tofu strips, and even some chicken so, save for some veggies, it is quite a heavy noodle meal than usual.

25 February 2013

Bento! #242: Tonjiru / 豚汁 / Pork soup

That's the one on the lower right. This is the first time I ever tried, and I only got the small one (小豚汁 / kotonjiru) for just a little over 70 yen from the cafeteria, to go along with my renkon (lotus roots) salad and chikin tatsuta don / fried chicken rice bowl. The soup was delicious. I'll probably try it as a standalone dish next time. :D

Before cherry trees bloom, the plum trees bloom first.

The little buds already started to appear from about 3 weeks ago. But this week, they're not yet in full bloom. It is still a welcome sight, that reminds us that spring and cherry blossoms and more comfortable temperatures are just a few more weeks away.

24 February 2013

Bento! #241: Sausage Napolitan (Spaghetti)

460 yen from 3F.

And as opposed to just plain sausage (sooseeji / ソーセージ) slices in other versions of napolitan / ナポリタン spaghetti here, this has one full-length sausage! (Sausage here is normally just 1/3 this one.) Plus there's some ham! Plus, there's some egg! Plus, some green pepper slices! Yummy. I love carbonaramara and her carbonaras, but for spaghetti, I love red/tomato-based sauces! (Same is true with pizza. :D)

23 February 2013

Bento! #240: Yaki Saba something something Gohan

Or 焼きさば。。。ごはん / rice with grilled mackerel. 350 yen from 3F. And yummy. There's a lot of other things in there, as you can see. But I don't eat the plum. :D

It is quite small though...

22 February 2013

Bento! #239: Another kind of salad from 3F

298 yen, as you can, see. Quite expensive, though this one has some olives, a slice of tomato, some radish, some yellow bell peppers -- which are expensive -- on top of the usual suspects. Plus it comes with a really nice salad dressing that I like a lot. The only thing I can surmise from its taste is that there's onion and vinegar. And maybe some black pepper. Which is good enough for me. :D

But, underneath all those fancy colors is nothing but shredded cabbage. And thus my claim of this being expensive.

21 February 2013

Bento! #238: Chikin Namban Bentou / チキン南蛮弁当

This is sort of becoming a fad here, it seems. This one is 498 yen from 3F:

It is yummy, but not something I'd desire to eat again. Forgive the presentation below, it got a little messed up during transport:

And you can see there's that karashi again on the rice, and what looks like salmon roe, but is actually plum, I guess. And some black & white sesame seed sprinkles. As it seems, chikin namban as a food basically means fried chicken with tartar sauce. There's also a side salad of some seaweed, soy beans, tofu shreds, and carrots.

20 February 2013

Bento! #237: Karaage Bentou!

498 yen from the supermarket. I am only able to read the part with からあげグランプリ / karaage grand prix, meaning this is an entry to some sort of karaage preparation contest. And maybe it was a winner because this is one of the best karaage I've ever tasted in a bento / 弁当 / bentou.

As you can see, there's a potato salad to go with it, and rice sprinkled with some herbs. And the karaage itself is huge! By the way, note the difference between karaage and chikin katsu, even though this one is not the typical karaage cut and is more similar to the typical katsu cut (no pun intended).

19 February 2013

Bento! #236: Pork something something with some vegetables that turned out to be...

...vegetables with some pork. And it has this karashi / からし / mustard leaves(?) thing that makes it just... I don't want to order this ever again! :(

This was just under 200 yen, I think, at the cafeteria. Together with a yummy dessert, and "S" rice, it was just all a below-400 yen meal.

18 February 2013

Bento! #235: "Green" salad + Ham & Cheese in French Toast Sandwich!

You can see the green soya beans in there, some green string beans, broccoli, some onions I think, and maybe some okra / okura / lady fingers in something like a basil-based cheese/cream dressing... And of course there's cheese! Even if it's not green. :D  I think that's feta cheese. I love cheese! :D This one was probably 198 yen from 3F, but I forgot the exact price.

And then there's this thing that I'll probably buy again:

17 February 2013

Bento! #234: Negi NIWATORI* Meshi / Rice with CHICKEN* and Onion Leeks [*UPDATED]

UPDATE: I earlier thought that this was pork, but my Japanese friend told me that the kanji (鶏) is actually niwatori / chicken (or chicken meat).

398 yen from 3F. Pretty good. Comes with pickled radish and rolled omelette (i.e. tamago maki).

Yummy as usual!

16 February 2013

Bento! #233: Aji furai / deep-fried breaded mackerel + some omiyage for dessert

I think this was just about 100 yen, also from our friendly neighborhood Lopia supermarket. But definitely not more than 200 yen. I ate it with the left over fish and chips I had a while back. :)

Then I got this from one of my friends, as omiyage (presents / souvenirs / "pasalubong" in Tagalog/Filipino).

15 February 2013

Oops, sorry. I corrected an earlier blog post. Please check out the updated contents!

Today, I was browsing through my earlier blog posts and I realized that this blog article:


Just looked exactly the same as this:


So now, I just wanted to announce that I updated the former with the correct content. Here's the link again of the post with updated contents:


In that updated blog post, I have 3 new photos showing my fish-and-chips, and this new drink I tried called C.C. Lemon.


Bento! #232: Niku Dango / 肉団子 / Meatballs

198 yen from our local supermarket (named Lopia / ロピア / ropia). I am not sure what the first 3 kanji and the two in parentheses mean.


14 February 2013

"Itsumo" lyrics and translation - final correct version?


Many have already attempted this before, but I think these are the exact words used in the lyrics of the chorus of "Itsumo," the rap song by Dice & K9, a Filipino rap group, as well as the more correct translation. "Itsumo" is basically a rap song in English, but with a melodic chorus in Japanese. To refresh your mind (or to introduce you to the song), here is the link to the official music video. Sorry, because of content restrictions, I can't embed the music video directly.

If you listen to the song without native-speaker-level Nihongo, or if you just check out the lyrics scattering around the internet, you might think it's this:
Itsumo kokoro we hoshi itsuka
dare katu mata koi nei utchitimo
itsumo kokoro nei eiro itsumo
anata dake no basho ga aru kara
Everyone knows what itsumo means - "always." And people have probably gotten the 2nd and 4th lines right, because they are the same exact lines in the popular song, "First Love," by Japanese-American Hikaru Utada (宇多田 ヒカル). But well, not everyone has. Here are the more correct lyrics in the correct Romaji form:
Itsumo, kokoro he hoshii,
Itsuka, dareka to mata koi ni ochite mo.
Itsumo, kokoro ni iru.
Itsumo, anata dake no basho ga aru kara.
Of course, when someone (specially a non-native Japanese speaker) sings the above lyrics, they probably won't come out as spelled out.

If we translate the lyrics now literally, we have:
Always, to my mind, I like
Someday, with someone again (I) will fall in love also.
Always, in my heart is (you?)
Always, for you only there is a place, that's why.
And the more correct(?) translation:
I always like to think that someday, I could also fall in love with someone again.
Because you are always in my heart, where there is always a place only for you.
Any objections? :D

Anyways, if you're interested, you can also check out Google's translation at this link.

13 February 2013

McDonald's Japan's limited edition Texas Burger!

Whoops, I forgot to take a photo. So I just screen-grabbed McDonald's Japan's "Big America All Stars Campaign" page. The burger on the left is the Texas Burger / テキサスバーガー / tekisasu baagaa. There's fried onion rings in there, bacon, barbecue sauce, and I guess a quarter-pounder patty, cheese, and there was a hint of... something. It was good, except that I would personally have less bread in there. I'd eat this again if this were a regular on McD's menu.

On the right is the Idaho Burger / アイダホバーガー / aidaho baagaa, which I've blogged about before, I think. It will appear on the menu from February 22 -- I'll keep you posted then, of course! 

I guess the Texas and Idaho burgers are the bestsellers out of their previous "Big America" campaigns from the last two years.

Just to mention, they also have a Mega Muffin / メガマフィン / mega mafin; Chicken Nuggets with Creamy Ranch Sauce / チキンナゲットのクリーミーランチソース / chikin nagetto no kuriimii ranchi soosu; their equivalent of McShaker Fries, i.e. "Shaka-Shaka Potato," American Barbecue Flavor / シャカシャカポテトのアメリカンバーベキュー味 / shaka shaka poteto no amerikan baabekyuu aji; Milkshake they call McShake in blueberry flavor / マックシェイクのブルーベリー / makku sheiku no buruuberii; and Maple Custard Pie / メープルカスタードパイ / meepuru kastaado pai. I've so far tried only the chicken nuggets with cream ranch sauce, which was really good; I really liked it.

12 February 2013

Cherry Blossom Forecast for 2013!

Photos of blooming sakura trees in Yoshinoyama, from japan-guide.com.

This is the best resource I found on the web for cherry blossom forecasts. Note that these forecasts only come out usually in February, and they could change as the dates near. Also, note that the dates are different per location. Basically, the more up north a place is, the later the cherry blossoms bloom.

11 February 2013

Japanese-style spaghetti and pizza in Manila!


Apparently, if you're a Japan fan, it will be all worth the money. If you really like American-style pizza and pasta, or the "true," "original" Italian pizza and pasta, of course, this place will disappoint.

The name of the place is Yomenya Goemon. Men means noodle(s). Ya means store/shop/house. Who (or what) is Goemon? And what's the Yo?

Apparently, the restaurant chain is indeed Japanese and they also have a presence in Singapore and Shanghai. Around Japan, they're all over the country, and they even have one in Atsugi!

Oh, and the Yo, if I tried to Google Translate, is the same as Hiroshi, which I think is a Japanese name but it seems it might also mean "foreign." But now, that makes sense: foreign noodles shop.

Apparently, this is the kanji for yomenya goemon: 洋麺屋 五右衛門. The go (first kanji) means the number five. The second kanji means right (i.e. not left). The last kanji means gate. The third kanji means Diet guard (i.e. security personnel at the house of elected Diet members / ministers?). Hmmmm.

Anyone with better answers?

10 February 2013

Bento! #231: Chaashuu Men

On some Sundays, I'd go to the Atsugi Trellis 3rd floor and go eat lunch at the "food court". Remember Dom-Dom Burgers? Anyways, I've also shown you their katsudon from Orange Kitchen (the store on the left). This time, I got ramen from the store on the right (but they're really one and the same thing as Orange Kitchen).

I got me チャーシュー麺 / Char Siu (roast pork) noodles. It's soy-sauce-based and it's far from the best ramen in the world. I think a little expensive for around 600 yen but you're also paying for the seat and the heating, of course. :D

09 February 2013

Bento! #230: Fish and Chips! And my first time to try C.C. Lemon.

C.C. Lemon. It's like... Mountain Dew. I actually like it.

My fish and chips, using the "beer-coated potatoes" from the last post, and this smallish cut fried mackerel:

08 February 2013

Bento! #229: Beer-Coated Potatoes? Chikin namban. And this month's cut fruits for dessert.

That's how I read the label: bia kooteddo poteto. This one is from the Lopia supermarket. I don't see this often though.

The first use I had for this was as like a (soggy) substitute for croutons on my Caesar salad. I did of course eat this with some meat that I think I've already featured before, but here it is again:
This one is only 180 yen and it's quite big for the price. The only thing I can read from the labels are chikin namban / チキン南蛮, which I've talked about previously (although this one doesn't come with tartar sauce), and mune niku / ムネ肉 / breast meat.
My "cut fruits." Got it at half off. There's cantaloupe, grapes, strawberry, kiwi, grapefruit, and pineapple. Pretty nice for the price!

07 February 2013

Bento! #228: Three kinds of my usual salads

Totally around 300 yen from OK Mart. I think the "lettuce mix" is a little over 100 yen, while the two on the bottom are just under 100 yen each.

And then I usually use Caesar salad dressing, and black peppers and parmesan cheese. Even for that "Coleslaw Mini" (i.e. a bunch of shredded cabbage). Good enough for me. Not for everyday, though. Maybe just once to at most thrice a week. :D

06 February 2013

Chokoreeto! #19 and #20: Morinaga "Bitter Chocolate" and Lotte Crisp Almond Chocolate with a "W"

If you haven't yet guessed by now, some Japanese like dark or bitter chocolate / bitaa chokoreeto. So I've tried Meiji and Lotte, maybe the top two Japanese chocolate brands. Which one is the best? I don't know. They're all delicious to me. :D

This one is so good, I got me another box. But hey, look! There's that "W" again! It's everywhere! By the way, I generally like Lotte brand chocolates, better than Meiji ones, only because it's just a little less sweeter. If you like sweet, you should go Meiji.

05 February 2013

Bento! #227: Three kinds of Nozaki's Corned Meats!

Top one is nyuu kon miito / new corned meat, left one is the regular kon biifu / corned beef, and well the right one is also corned beef but with 50% less fat, I think. Each one of these are just a little over 200 yen from OK Mart. And maybe one of them is just under 200 yen. I forgot, sorry! Oh and by the way, the "new corned meat" I think is like a mix of chicken and beef.
Anyways, here they are in the same arrangement as in the previous photo, just before I cooked/heated them. I noticed a little bit of difference between the three, but now I forgot. Maybe the "50% less fat" one is better than the regular one? Sorry, I forgot! But they're all salty -- though just the right kind of salty, I think. And by the way, I didn't finish all this one sitting! I ate this with some salad, too. :D

04 February 2013

Bento! #225 and #226: Chinese-style bento and cheap softdrinks!

Actually, you know what? I forgot if I've posted this before. I certainly can't find it anywhere. Anyway, it's stir-fried pork mixed with some cabbage that looks like pork, in some (maybe soy-sauce-based) sauce and with green bell peppers. With scrambled eggs with, maybe spring onions?, on the side. Rice sprinkled with some black sesame seeds. I got this also from OK Mart, but I forgot how much this was. My guess is it's 398 yen.

"LAS" (Los Angeles Sunshine) brand zero-calorie cola, lemon & lime soda, and ginger ale. I think this one is just 38 yen each. Not bad for the price! Just 38 yen each! In Japan! Half the price of Coke! Hehehe. :)

03 February 2013

Age is not an excuse for failing to learn a new language

So goes the title of this article I read recently:


Bento! #223 and #224: Teriyaki Hamburger and 15-item Balanced Salad

They sell this sometimes at our local "100-yen" store, but this one is just 88 yen from OK Mart. :D  Yummy. But, as always here in Japan, the burger patty itself is most likely not 100% beef.

I also got this at OK Mart, and honestly I don't know if this is 198 yen or 208 yen (maybe 208 yen including tax? or 208 yen for non-OK-Mart members?). Anyways, there's some chicken in there, soy beans, onions, corn, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, radish, that purple cabbage thing, maybe two kinds of mushrooms, one other green leafy veggie, two kinds of seaweeds, and maybe red bell peppers?
Your guess is as good as mine. This came with this salad dressing above, which is probably miso-based, judging from the illustration on the packaging, and maybe it had some sesame flavoring as well.

02 February 2013

A little warmth in the middle of winter

A day for smiles and sunshine. And 1 less layer of clothes. :D

The above shows rain but it's sunny with some clouds right now.

Bento! #222: Shuumai Bentou (and another kind of yakitori?)

"Siomai" / Chinese dumpling lunch box. Comes with grilled mackerel (鯖焼き / saba yaki) and Japanese-style fried chicken (karaage / 唐揚げ). The rice is topped with the "protective" plum and some black sesame seeds. There's also omelette roll, some diced renkon / れんこん / lotus roots, and pickled sliced radish. This thing also came with soy sauce / しょうゆ / 醤油 / shoyuu, and mustard. I think I didn't use the mustard. The soy sauce I used for the mackerel and siomai. 460 yen from 3F. Not bad. But I just couldn't resist the "new!!" label. Hehe :D

I forgot what this yakitori is now exactly, but it's some special part of chicken and it was quite good.

01 February 2013


I broke 3,000 pageviews last November, and for some reason, it slumped to under 2,900 in December. But for January, we're back on the trendline, baby! Thanks to one and all for coming, reading, commenting, and sharing! Please continue to spread the word. :)

Bento! #221: Sutamina Buta Kimuchi Don

399 yen for an "M" size from the school cafeteria.
I like Korean kimchi -- which usually means cabbage that is like.. fermented? in chili paste? If you know Korean food, you know what I mean. But here, they mix the kimchi with other stuff. In fact, they offered one dish at the cafeteria for maybe two months now, but I never tried it. It didn't look too appealing -- it's like tofu in kimchi soup. Anyways, hence also, the buta kimuchi / 豚キムチ / pork kimchi. Now this is a "stamina" / sutamina / スタミナ version because it's topped with a semi-raw egg. This makes it more like the "Power Don" I've shown you before, but with kimchi (and also with sesame seeds). It's fine, but I don't think I'll have this again. Oh, and I ate it with spinach on the side, which I hoped to wash away the spiciness a bit. :D