02 February 2013

Bento! #222: Shuumai Bentou (and another kind of yakitori?)

"Siomai" / Chinese dumpling lunch box. Comes with grilled mackerel (鯖焼き / saba yaki) and Japanese-style fried chicken (karaage / 唐揚げ). The rice is topped with the "protective" plum and some black sesame seeds. There's also omelette roll, some diced renkon / れんこん / lotus roots, and pickled sliced radish. This thing also came with soy sauce / しょうゆ / 醤油 / shoyuu, and mustard. I think I didn't use the mustard. The soy sauce I used for the mackerel and siomai. 460 yen from 3F. Not bad. But I just couldn't resist the "new!!" label. Hehe :D

I forgot what this yakitori is now exactly, but it's some special part of chicken and it was quite good.

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