05 February 2013

Bento! #227: Three kinds of Nozaki's Corned Meats!

Top one is nyuu kon miito / new corned meat, left one is the regular kon biifu / corned beef, and well the right one is also corned beef but with 50% less fat, I think. Each one of these are just a little over 200 yen from OK Mart. And maybe one of them is just under 200 yen. I forgot, sorry! Oh and by the way, the "new corned meat" I think is like a mix of chicken and beef.
Anyways, here they are in the same arrangement as in the previous photo, just before I cooked/heated them. I noticed a little bit of difference between the three, but now I forgot. Maybe the "50% less fat" one is better than the regular one? Sorry, I forgot! But they're all salty -- though just the right kind of salty, I think. And by the way, I didn't finish all this one sitting! I ate this with some salad, too. :D

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