31 August 2011

Recent Japanese Inventions

Watch this podcast video from CNET TV. You know, when Sony invented the Betamax, everyone went the way of the VHS.

29 August 2011

Video Backlog 3

The famous Shibuya Crossing, from the Ground:

My "Hikkoshi," moving to a new apartment:

We celebrate one of my Chinese colleagues' birthday:

19 August 2011

Video Backlog 2

Here's the second batch of videos. The titles are: "Chili Dog Rice," "Chips and Salsa," and "MacArthur Garage - Live Jazz Music (Two-Part Episode)"

15 August 2011

Video Blog Backlog

Here's the first batch of my video blog episodes I was able to upload only recently. The titles of these are... "Snow Again!," "Sinigang sa Miso," and "McDonald's Miami Burger." Yum.