13 August 2013

Remembering Fuji-san

3 years ago, it was a Friday the 13th and my friends and I set out to climb Mt. Fuji. You can check out all my Fuji-san related posts at http://japan.ronjie.com/search/label/fuji-san. Or just sit back and watch the 40-minute video below.

UPDATE: As pointed out by reader Grin Isobe, the rest of the videos do not seem to play after the initial "You are watching rTV" intro video. You can try to watch the full playlist directly on YouTube instead (link: http://youtu.be/YqejpzhTHxA?list=PLEE9D3FB80DC97AA9), where everything might be playable. But please note that because I used some copyrighted music in the background, some parts of the video are not available in certain countries. Also, you might have to click the forward/next button to move to the next video in the playlist. So sorry about all this inconvenience!

UPDATE 2: The video works now! I think YouTube playlists don't work too well embedded if you have the same video in the playlist twice so... :D