24 May 2011


I will now really officially stop blogging here regularly.

That is, unless yet another new chapter in my life here in Japan begins anew. :-D  If there would be one, it won't be until two years after, so yes, I'm really stopping blogging now.

I will still post a few on occasion though to catch up on some blog backlogs, or if there is really something very interesting or something very pressing that begs to be shared to you all. I have quite a long list but unfortunately I am still too busy to edit and post them all online soon.

I also plan to split up the recent two blog posts (Welcome to Japan, Parts 1 and 2) into more manageable parts, for easier reference for the rest of the world who are coming to Japan to live or to visit.

In any case, for your Life-in-Japan entertainment, The Japan! Japan! Blog officially endorses carbonaramara - my wife's blog - which has now started to document our life together here in Japan while I start to become busy with my research work and dissertation.

From 67 posts in 2005, 164 posts in 2010, to almost 240 posts totally; we wish 33% of our readers in the US, 30% in Japan, 20% from the Philippines, and the rest from Germany, South Korea, Canada, Russia, France, the UK, and Argentina, that you have all been entertained by the light and funny moments and the occasional drama, and by Japan's awesomeness.

It was certainly a blast!  Thank you, one and all.

18 May 2011

Welcome to Japan (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the earlier article of links to welcome you to Japan.

17 May 2011

Welcome to Japan (Part 1)

This one is probably a long delayed post.  But now, I have a purpose and better creds to write it.

** First, you might have noticed that I haven't posted anything here since early February 2011, and it is primarily because I became so busy since...  And then the big earthquake happened.  While we are very thankful to everyone who expressed their concern, and that we have been generally safe and are practically back to normal for over a month now, we still express deep sadness over what happened and continue to pray that all those affected get their lives back up moving again.  And here's hoping that we will be better prepared for the next big thing that nature will bring. **