20 May 2010


When I got to our Nihongo class, our sensei had
written on the blackboard.  And then I was the very first one he called, and while pointing to the writing on the board, asked me "Aquino-san ikura desu ka" ("Mr. Aquino, how much is this?").  So I answered as best I can...  "Ju ni oku san sen yon hyaku go ju roku man nana sen hapyaku kyu ju en desu."  Our sensei said "Subarashii!" and clapped his hands, encouraging everyone else to clap their hands.  Subarashii (すばらしい) means one or more of the following, according to Google Translate and Dicts.info: Great, Marvelous, Fabulous, Nice, Beautiful, Incredible, Stunning, Tremendous, Fascinating, Super, Gorgeous, Glorious, Sensational, Mighty, Heavenly, Raving, Crucial, Rare, Posh, Rip-roaring, Bang-up, Magnificent, Splendid, Wonderful. One other word that means practically the same thing is "sugoi." (すごい)  I would add "cool" as one other possible meaning of "sugoi" or "subarashii."  Anyways, I know One who could be called Subarashii using all those meanings..  Clue: He is actually Three Persons....  Even more subarashii!

Anyways, that's all the fun there is today.  It's another rainy day, with daytime high of 24 degrees and nighttime low of 19 degrees.  It's not that cool, but it's cool enough for me - I need at least 3 layers of clothes (1 sweater, 1 shirt, 1 jacket).  And it's the usual day.  Lunch by the pound.  Just-microwave dinner (with my own cooked rice though).  No basketball.  Books, books, books.  Hey, what on earth am I here for? :-D

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