21 May 2010


"Hot day" today, maximum temperature was around 29 degrees.  As warm as 24 or 25 degrees, people are already complaining about today being hot but up to around 29 degrees, I found it to be just fine.  Sunny and clear skies.  Forecast high for tomorrow is 25 degrees.  Forecast high for Sunday is 20 degrees.  Imagine that.  In my favorite tropical country, the Philippines, particularly Manila, you wouldn't usually get a nearly 10-degree change in daytime high (or low) in a span of 3 days.

Anyways, no classes today.  Just reading, reading, reading.  But we played basketball - very competitive basketball.  I lost 2 games out of 3. :(

One new thing I did today was to get my bank passbook updated.  Guess where I did it.  At the ATM machine!  Aside from the usual services including cash withdrawals, you can update your passbook and make deposits using bank ATM machines.  The downside is, these ATM machines that are particularly far away from "civilization" (i.e. from urban/downtown areas) are "open" only from 9am to around 7pm, on weekdays. Anyways, updating your passbook using the ATM is really very convenient!

Mara received a postcard from me today - 11 days after I sent it from here!  Well the good thing is, it arrived.  :-)

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