22 May 2010

"Atsui" + Goodbye Sinigang

It's "hot" again today - for some locals and some who are used to winter weather.  Daytime high was 27 degrees.  Just right for me.  In contrast, that's the nighttime low in Manila nowadays!

Lunch and dinner was my own rice, plus convenience store ulam and frozen veggies.  I did some groceries today - took me 2 hours including the 12-minute bike ride each way!  But that also included a walk from the grocery store to the "DIY" store where I was supposed to buy a stove already.

Have I told you I've been craving for Sinigang now?  That is why I want to buy a stove already!

Back at the "DIY" store, I examined all the available stoves and chose one stove (the cheapest one).  I was not sure (can't read Japanese yet) if it had a tube to connect to the gas line.  So I got one tube also.  And off to the cashier I went.  Then the cashier was saying something that I didn't understand.  But I got that she was saying that the stove was for propane gas lines only.  So with the little Japanese I know, I told her I don't know what type of gas our gas line is and that I will not buy the stove and tube anymore.  Goodbye Sinigang, I will have to wait again for you...

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