28 February 2012

Easily send money from Japan to the Philippines at some of the lowest rates

It's actually powered by Softbank Payment Service. Check out http://www.gcash.jp. The website can switch between English and Nihongo.

26 February 2012

Kamakura! (Video Update)

About a month ago, I posted my video of our visit to Kamakura. When I was editing the video, I wondered where this certain clip went. I thought I lost it forever, but well, here it is!

03 February 2012

Rural Atsugi

Our professor invited us to a walk around school - a rural area of Atsugi, with plenty of farm land, hills, and all that - and 20 of us went along. We walked for an hour and twenty minutes under a generally sunny winter day. The video below is a 10-minute, super-fast-forward version (8x speed) of the original.