19 May 2010

So Tired

Today, it's the usual day.  I did take a bath though in the morning.  As in, dipping in the bath tub, and not just taking a shower.  Rainy day and a little cool!  But not so cold.  Thus the warm bath.  Actually this is the 3rd time I've taken a bath.  The Japanese style is to take a shower before dipping in the tub.  So after you take a bath, the water is still generally clean and you (or others) can use it again for a dip.  You just need to warm it up.  The bath tub at the apartment is a little cramped, for Western standards.  I mean I have to be almost like in a fetal position to fit in.  The point in Japanese-style bathing is just simply to dip, to relax, and warm the body.  Actually they usually do it in the evening, just before going to sleep.

Anyways, it is the usual day.  Busy day with the books.  Lunch by the pound.  Basketball.

But actually it was too much of basketball.  I left school and went home at around 8:30pm, to take dinner at home, but at around 9:30pm or so I was already feeling sleepy.  Thus the late post.  This after cycling Saturday and Sunday, a little bit of walking on Monday, and basketball on Tuesday and Wednesday. No basketball tomorrow, I guess.  Time to rest first. :-D

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