18 May 2010


Today's the hottest it has been here in Atsugi since I arrived just over a month ago.  29 degrees!  Nighttime though it's cool and comfy and pleasant.  Not all blue skies today, but still very nice.  I just need to wear one thin jacket on top of my shirt and undershirt.

Aside from that, it's the usual.  Reading, reading, reading.  Lunch by the pound.  But...  Oh, for dinner I ate my own cooked rice, and heated these frozen ready-to-eat shrimp nuggets, mini-burgers, veggies, and... pizza!  I ate the nuggets and burgers with Heinz ketchup.  Yum.  The pizza - I guess it was pepperoni and mozzarella on it, and I think bell peppers...  And CORN.  This is the 2nd pizza I've tried here - they like their pizza with corn.  I guess it's the Japanese style.  Just as "Hawaiian pizza" would have pineapples.  Very different from Italian pizza - go ask any Italian.

And then...  Well we played basketball!  Fun as always.  Have to go back to the books now, and chat with Mara.  One class each for the next 3 days.  Yikes, I have less than 2 weeks to come up with a more refined research topic idea!

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