17 May 2010

Pleasant Day

It was as "warm" as around 26 degrees today, and all blue skies, all day long.  Very pleasant.  Wonderful.  Nice for walking or biking around.  I did get to walk around campus.  Went to the Modi (memorial) Library and got me 7 books (6 of which are identical in topic but it was difficult to quickly assess which was the best book to suit my needs).  No basketball for me today.  Biking the last two days is tiring!  Anyways, other than that, it's the usual by-the-pound lunch, hitting the books and the internet and doing some reading, my own cooked rice + fried chicken fillet from the convenience store that I bought last Saturday + cherry tomatoes that I bought from the grocery store yesterday = dinner, and...  A surprise call from Mara (not via Skype, mind you).  And that's what my Monday is all about.  Very pleasant day indeed...... :-)

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