04 February 2013

Bento! #225 and #226: Chinese-style bento and cheap softdrinks!

Actually, you know what? I forgot if I've posted this before. I certainly can't find it anywhere. Anyway, it's stir-fried pork mixed with some cabbage that looks like pork, in some (maybe soy-sauce-based) sauce and with green bell peppers. With scrambled eggs with, maybe spring onions?, on the side. Rice sprinkled with some black sesame seeds. I got this also from OK Mart, but I forgot how much this was. My guess is it's 398 yen.

"LAS" (Los Angeles Sunshine) brand zero-calorie cola, lemon & lime soda, and ginger ale. I think this one is just 38 yen each. Not bad for the price! Just 38 yen each! In Japan! Half the price of Coke! Hehehe. :)

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