01 February 2013

Bento! #221: Sutamina Buta Kimuchi Don

399 yen for an "M" size from the school cafeteria.
I like Korean kimchi -- which usually means cabbage that is like.. fermented? in chili paste? If you know Korean food, you know what I mean. But here, they mix the kimchi with other stuff. In fact, they offered one dish at the cafeteria for maybe two months now, but I never tried it. It didn't look too appealing -- it's like tofu in kimchi soup. Anyways, hence also, the buta kimuchi / 豚キムチ / pork kimchi. Now this is a "stamina" / sutamina / スタミナ version because it's topped with a semi-raw egg. This makes it more like the "Power Don" I've shown you before, but with kimchi (and also with sesame seeds). It's fine, but I don't think I'll have this again. Oh, and I ate it with spinach on the side, which I hoped to wash away the spiciness a bit. :D

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