31 January 2013

Bento! #219 and #220: Mikkusu Sando and Jaga to Tomato no Chiizu Yaki

Mikkusu Sando / Mixed Sandwich(es). 200 yen from 3F. Pretty good, but I usually eat this together with another dish...
(Something-something) Jaga to tomato no chiizu yaki / grilled cheese with potatoes and tomato. And well, there's just two slices of tomato. Because one whole medium-sized tomato here is already about 100 yen each. Meanwhile, you can get maybe a kilo of potatoes for as low as 100 yen if you know where to look. This "bento" is 360 yen from 3F. There's also a piece of broccoli in there, some slices of sausages (weiners), and some tomato sauce. 

I don't like potatoes too much. But have I mentioned there's cheese in this thing? :D


  1. I'm guessing the mixed sandwich has ham, cheese and egg? The Jaga to tomato no chiizu yaki looks really good though! :)

    1. Yup! The mixed sandwich(es) include an egg sandwich, ham+cheese+mayo sandwich, and tuna+cucumber sandwich. Thanks for reading and commenting! :)