11 February 2013

Japanese-style spaghetti and pizza in Manila!


Apparently, if you're a Japan fan, it will be all worth the money. If you really like American-style pizza and pasta, or the "true," "original" Italian pizza and pasta, of course, this place will disappoint.

The name of the place is Yomenya Goemon. Men means noodle(s). Ya means store/shop/house. Who (or what) is Goemon? And what's the Yo?

Apparently, the restaurant chain is indeed Japanese and they also have a presence in Singapore and Shanghai. Around Japan, they're all over the country, and they even have one in Atsugi!

Oh, and the Yo, if I tried to Google Translate, is the same as Hiroshi, which I think is a Japanese name but it seems it might also mean "foreign." But now, that makes sense: foreign noodles shop.

Apparently, this is the kanji for yomenya goemon: 洋麺屋 五右衛門. The go (first kanji) means the number five. The second kanji means right (i.e. not left). The last kanji means gate. The third kanji means Diet guard (i.e. security personnel at the house of elected Diet members / ministers?). Hmmmm.

Anyone with better answers?

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