18 February 2013

Bento! #235: "Green" salad + Ham & Cheese in French Toast Sandwich!

You can see the green soya beans in there, some green string beans, broccoli, some onions I think, and maybe some okra / okura / lady fingers in something like a basil-based cheese/cream dressing... And of course there's cheese! Even if it's not green. :D  I think that's feta cheese. I love cheese! :D This one was probably 198 yen from 3F, but I forgot the exact price.

And then there's this thing that I'll probably buy again:

フレンチトーストサンドハムチーズ / furenchi toosuto sando hamu chiizu / ham & CHEESE sandwich using French toast for the bread! 135 yen also from 3F.

I love French toast, and I love CHEESE!

Whoops, you can see I actually ate these things with that negi something meshi from yesterday. I was hungry then. :P

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