03 February 2013

Bento! #223 and #224: Teriyaki Hamburger and 15-item Balanced Salad

They sell this sometimes at our local "100-yen" store, but this one is just 88 yen from OK Mart. :D  Yummy. But, as always here in Japan, the burger patty itself is most likely not 100% beef.

I also got this at OK Mart, and honestly I don't know if this is 198 yen or 208 yen (maybe 208 yen including tax? or 208 yen for non-OK-Mart members?). Anyways, there's some chicken in there, soy beans, onions, corn, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, radish, that purple cabbage thing, maybe two kinds of mushrooms, one other green leafy veggie, two kinds of seaweeds, and maybe red bell peppers?
Your guess is as good as mine. This came with this salad dressing above, which is probably miso-based, judging from the illustration on the packaging, and maybe it had some sesame flavoring as well.

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