09 October 2012

Bento! #100 - Yahoo, 100! And to celebrate - Pizza Hut! Not.

"Hatto One Box." "Hatto" because Pizza Hut is
Piza Hatto in Japan (ピザハット).
Almost on a weekly basis, we receive coupons and promos (i.e. promotional campaigns or just simply kyanpeen /キャンペーン/ campaign as they would call them here) for different pizza delivery services here. Yes, Pizza Hut included. This week, my colleague decided to avail of this "campaign" from Pizza Hut. Basically, for something normally around 2,740 yen, we could get the set below for just 2,180 yen under this "campaign." 

Additionally, if you ordered via the web, you get an additional 5% off. So that brought the total price down to just around 2,070 yen. Hooray for the web!

For the type of pizza, we chose this "four flavor" pizza which they call "Natural 4" (ナチュラル / nachuraru 4). The four flavors are: sausage and mushroom (ソーセージ&マッシュルーム / sooseeji to masshuruumu), pepperoni and corn (ペパロニ&コーン / peparoni to koon), bacon and asparagus (ベーコン&アスパラ / beekon to asupara), and tomato and basil (トマト&バジル / tomato to bajiru). An "M" size of this and others like it, is supposedly 10 inches in diameter, and 2,000 yen. Remember what I told you about the 250-yen pizza I eat here in Japan? They are really cheap. An "L" size, by the way, is a 12-incher:

Back to the story. We also had a choice between 4 crust types: Pan Crust (the typical Pizza Hut one / ふっくらパンピザ / fukkura pan piza), "Italian Crispy" (イタリアンクリスピー / itarian kurisupii), and for only 200 yen more, a "Cheese Crust" (こんがりチーズクラスト / kongari chiizu kurasuto) or a "Sausage Crust" (ソーセージクラスト / sooseeji kurasuto). If you've eaten more than once at Pizza Hut, you know what these last two are. We chose Italian Crispy. I don't like Pizza Hut's pan pizzas.

I opened the box, and this is what we got. Surprisingly, it's a square pizza! Apparently if you get the Italian Crispy type of crust, instead of a 10-inch-diameter typically circular pizza pie, you get a 10-inch by 10-inch square one instead. If you know math, you would know that area-wise, this is slightly bigger than a 10-inch-diameter one. Not surprisingly, the photo seems to have larger chicken pieces, and longer but thinner potato wedges, and more of them herbs, than what we actually got:

It could be better. But thank God nonetheless for
feeding me well tonight!
My colleague and I split the bill on this one, so likewise evenly split the loot. ;-D

I finished mine in about 10 minutes and my colleague was so surprised. We've been in the same department for about 2 years and she is still surprised? Haha. Anyway, after about an hour, my colleague still had two "slices" left but she couldn't finish them anymore. So naturally, she gave them to me. And naturally, I finished them in a minute. So, I had two small pieces of chicken, a few potato wedges, and 10 "slices"/mini-squares of pizza all for around 1,000 yen. Not bad, no? Beats all the bad vibes I got from that Croquette Dog I had earlier. :D

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