09 October 2012

Bento! #99: Soosu Tappuri Korokke Doggu

115 yen from 3F.
Or ソースたっぷりコロッケドッグ in Japanese, that roughly translates to Croquette Dog with a lot of Sauce. At 115 yen, and compared to the companion Weiner Roll at 130 yen I ate together with this, I'm never buying this again.

Firstly, it all but confirms what I don't like about "croquettes" (at least those that I've seen here): it's mostly a bunch of fillers, mostly potatoes maybe, with practically no meat or anything else. I don't like croquettes / korokke! A man needs his protein fix. And secondly, this kind of fooled me. No, I understand now how all that sauce might have disappeared in the croquette since it had plenty of super-absorbent potatoes. But "Croquette Dog"? That made me think the croquettes had hotdogs in them! Where's the dog here? It's not even a hotdog sandwich at all! It's a croquette sandwich! It just supposedly comes with the same buns typically used for hotdog sandwiches. And that's it. Oh well, what could I do. Every place has their own brand of English. And there's nothing wrong with that. This is Japan, this is their language. This is their culture. Back to Japan 101 for me. :D

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