08 October 2012

Bento! #97 + #98: Biggu Chikin Katsu Bento + Okura to Enoki no Okaka Ae

Big Chicken Cutlets Bento
Okra and Enoki Mushroom Okaka sauce
The bento is 498 yen, but I had to eat some more rice to match the large chicken katsu. Enoki mushrooms are small white mushrooms with long necks/stalks. Okaka, a.k.a. katsuobushi, is dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna. I've previously referred to this simply as dried fish flakes. They're also used to top okonomiyakitakoyaki, and even yakisobaOkaka ae is translated by Google as Okaka sauce, but I think it is not referring to the okaka as the sauce; i.e. the whole thing is like an Okaka sauce. There are other types of okaka ae, like one made primarily using cabbage (i.e. kyabetsu no okaka ae), and so on. I didn't do it that way, but I guess I should have topped my rice (or my chicken?) with this, treating it as like a sauce.

Also, okaka ae is written as おかか和え where the a is the same as the wa (和) in wagyuu (the expensive beef famously from Kobe) and wafuu (our/Japanese style). I don't know why yet. Do you guys know?

Anyway, guess why I had to have all of this for dinner... Well, it's because I just had that very light "cheap" pizza for lunch. :D

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