22 April 2005

Fly! (APR-22)

I've seen a mosquito here maybe three times already, and boy, for a place
like Japan to find mosquitoes, it's quite scary. I also saw a fly today.

Here, if a person ain't doing anything, he could be actually Counting
Crows. Quite a lot of black crows you see flying around. The garbage area
here were we put our trash bags has to be covered all the time because the
crows might swoop down for a bite or two.

Last night, I went home by bicycle and what a great convenience it was. 10
minutes, and I could be home. Less effort, but it's some exercise
nonetheless. Thanks again to Mr. Pellai (future Dr. Pellai) from India.

Talking about last night, it was my first time to eat noodles here in
Japan. Well, it's your usual cup-noodles kind of thing. Got it for 100
Yen at the grocery. I also had Miso Soup, and some sushi. Yeah baby!

I received an e-mail alert yesterday from the VDC about an earthquake in
Japan early morning. I did not quite feel it. Maybe I was fast asleep...

Tonight, Pellai-san, and Giang-san might be going out for a drink or
two. I do not know if Kawana-san would be coming, he's like a nice guy.

I took pictures of the view of the mountains from our laboratory, and
pictures of the university's entrance and at least one other shot at the
laboratory. Find it at http://ronjie.tripod.com/nihon2005tpu

There are also new pictures at nihon2005misc and nihon2005food (just
replace nihon2005tpu at the address above).

If you haven't checked it out yet, visit the nihon2005apato picture
page. nothing new there though except that I have changed the photo size
to 320x240 to accomodate more photos at the site. Hope you enjoy them!

Pahabol: Yesterday, I learned that Kawana-san will be presenting an
introduction about his PhD research to FIRST GRADE STUDENTS. Imagine
that! Of course, it is kind of difficult to teach 1st grade students the
habitability of buildings due to aeroelastic phenomena and stuff like
that... But imagine, first grade students here already have an idea about
PhD research!

Oh, and one opinion about Japan so far. I think that Japan is as
progressive and as culturally rich as other European countries, and it's as
good as visiting Europe almost. So, thinking of going to Europe? Try
first to go where it is nearer (and maybe the cost is slightly cheaper
also) and where it is a little more familiar - Japan! =)

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