26 April 2005

ho-hum (APR-25)

Ho-hum day. Got to the laboratory late most probably because of the
"bonding" session last night, but maybe also because I had a heavier than
usual breakfast this morning.

Then the computer assigned to me was acting really
slooooooooooooooooooow. Late in the afternoon, I reformatted it na.

I went home around at around 7:30, and dropped by the grocery for my
dinner. The cashier was asking me if I wanted chopsticks, or so I thought,
as she was motioning her fingers in a scissor-cutting like fashion after I
told her that "Sumimasen. Nihongo ga sukushi wakarimas." Anyway, I said,
"Hai, dozo." "Yes, please."

That's about my story for today.

By the way, one thing I like about Japan so far -- no where has it ever
occurred here that the store, or the bus, or wherever, does not have
change. Palaging may "otsuri" or panukli sila. Walang, "Sir, okay lang po
kung kulang ng piso?" 'lul! Okay lang ba sayo? :-)

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