29 April 2005

Tokyo Day 1 (APR-29)

Hay... It is actually May 2 now already, it was a loooooong 3-day weekend
starting Friday. Friday afternoon I went to Tokyo to meet with my former
officemate, Danieru-san. (Danny)

Danny is a very good man, and actually, because of interesting discussions
on a lot of things during the times we were officemates, I have started to
want to know more about histories and cultures, primarily of the
Philippines (my country) and then of Asian nations, and then of the world,
of course. History, if I remember correctly, is one of Danny's primary
interests (as a hobby, as he is, like myself, into engineering and research.)

Well, it was the first time I rode the Tokyo Metro, the local subway in
Tokyo. Of course, I rode the usual 50+ minute trip from (Hon-)Atsugi to
Shinjuku, then a-subway I went. At Shinjuku, it was my first time to go
out of Shinjuku station, and what a busy, downtown/urban place! Anyway,
the only store that caught my attention was this GAP store. GAP is my
favorite (American) brand of clothing, although I usually purchase their
sale items lang, otherwise, the best na para sa akin ang SM Surplus Shop. :-)

I went down at the Todaimae station (Todai = short for "Tokyo Daigaku" or
the University of Tokyo; mae = before when refering to time, or "in front
of" when refering to a place). Danieru-san is a PhD student at Todai. He
toured me around their lab... And around Todai in general. I didn't yet
take pictures because I know I will visit the place again soon. ;-)

He then took me to the Nezu Shrine (and garden). Check out the
pictures! Go to www.ronjie.com and find the link to the photo site, or go
to http://ronjie.tripod.com/nihon2005tokyo

We then took a walk through Ueno park, to get to the Ueno station (because
the next day, I was to meet another friend at Ueno) and met with
Danieru-san-no kazuku (Danny's family; wife and 4-year old boy). He
brought me to this authentic Chinese ramen place.... It was 1100 Yen for
one big bowl of ramen, and it was oishii!

Then, I stayed at Danieru-san-no apaato (Danny's apartment) for the
night. Of course, madaming exchange of stories (and opinions on certain
issues) over 500mL cans of Asahi... (Actually, I've forgotten which drink...)

On to the next day!

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