15 May 2005

Household Chores day (MAY-15)

Today, I got to the university almost 6pm na.  I started my laundry
last night pa actually, but anyway, I just finished today.  I made
laba (naks, how so coño naman) the dirty stuff din like mga basahan,
etc.  I did some apartment cleaning - actually I think I didn't do
any last weekend, so super dumi na ng apartment.  I really don't
know why super daming alikabok sa apartment, when its doors and windows
are closed probably 98.5% of the time.  That's why I made laba
the dirty stuff
, kasi daming naipon na dumi.  By the way, dumi
is different from kalat.  The apartment's a little organized

Last Friday, it was forecasted to be a cloudy day today but the sun was
shining for the whole afternoon!  Anyway, in the morning, I was
trying to dry the newly-laundried clothes in the bathroom (there's a
heater inside).

Oh well...  Back to work now...  Have to do some planning and
thinking for the rest of my stay.

Tonight pala would be my first month here in Japan!  (I arrived
April 15, remember?)  :-)


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