21 May 2005

seminar day! (MAY-20)

i still felt very tired in the morning. i didn't have coffee pa pati so... spark plug ko ang coffee.

anyway, in the afternoon, two professors from the US gave some short presentations about research activities at their respective universities.

here's something interesting: At Colorado State University, there is one required course for ALL freshmen students (undergraduate of course): "NATURAL HAZARD MITIGATION FOR FRESHMEN."

beat that.

also, copying from the Japanese (or from Prof Tamura's PhD students at least) as Prof Bienkewicz of Col. State U mentioned, they also did some "wind tunnel tests" with pre-schoolers.

beat that.

haha. ha. ay pilipinas kong minamahal... nakaka-inis ka dahil kaya mong umunlad pero ayaw mo, pero ganun pa man, miss na kita, pilipinas!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

nga pala, walang magku-kuwento sa akin ng star wars episode 3. kainis!!!!

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