27 April 2010

No Pain, No Gain

How true is that in a lot of things.  In love, in losing weight, in building up muscles or stamina, in gaining wisdom, and so on.

Today, I started to become more comfortable with my temporary computer, but still, its being temporary is at the back of my mind.  Probably spent another half-day or so today just to make it run smoothly for my purposes.

Anyways, today I also started reading in more detail our textbook for this class I registered in, a subject matter I do not have any deep background on.  I mentioned I am taking the structural wind engineering track, but because I desire to be able to teach a full course in wind engineering in the Philippines in the future, I thought I should learn a little bit about environmental wind engineering as well.  As I read through the textbook, I am finding it a little difficult.  And then this blog post's title came to mind.

Anyways, last night I bought ready-to-heat-then-eat Takuyaki Balls from the neighbourhood convenience store.  They, together with those vendo machines, are the equivalent of "sari-sari" stores back at home; they are everywhere!  Hmmm, that would be a nice "prize" for finishing up my reading of Chapter 1 for Friday's class.

We received an e-mail that there will be another seminar this Saturday, the 1st of May, although it is more about environmental wind engineering, and I do plan to attend, but there goes my long weekend chopped up.  As I said previously, Thursday is a holiday.  Friday isn't.  Then there's the 2-day weekend.  Then there's the 3 holidays in a row.  If I didn't have classes on Fridays, I could've had a 7-day long weekend!  And now it's reduced to 4.  Better than nothing!  The forecast for those four days are: sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny.  I sure hope so.  It's springtime here so sunny means low 20s during the daytime.  Great!

I slept a little late last night, and woke up a little late...  almost 9am already actually, because I left my laptop running without being plugged in.  It functions as my alarm clock; it plays my favorite SFC songs at around 7am.  Actually it was plugged in - to the extension cord - which in turn was not plugged in to the main line.  My punishment: a rainy day.  Not so bad though, not freezing cold unlike the past week.  Or maybe I've gotten used to the cold a little bit.  Or maybe I am wearing enough layers of clothes.  Or maybe because I am inside our "office" practically the whole day, and the heater is on here practically the whole day.

Lunch was at the by-the-pound cafeteria; I had two slabs of fish fillet (the type without breading) on top of some greens...  And then the fish had plenty of bones.  Yikes.  Dinner is rice (hope it's still okay to eat - the one I cooked last Sunday, otherwise I'll cook some more or just microwave the microwaveable packed rice), Takuyaki, and maybe Japanese tuna (they come in half the size only of our typical tuna cans, but they come in easy-open cans) or Ligo sardines or Century corned tuna.

Anyways, I am looking forward to May.  And the hot summer.  500 days of summer?  I am interested in experiencing the 4 seasons, one after the other - I have experienced winter, autumn, and spring in the US and in other countries, and summer all my life in the Philippines - but not one after the other.  I wonder how that feels.  We'll soon find out.

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