19 April 2010


Today I left home 9:00am to meet with my graduate program's secretariat who will help me with a number of things...  First at the Atsugi City Hall at 9:30am.  I got there a little early (better early than late!) because while I knew the bus ride was just 15 minutes, something could go wrong and I did not want to be late.  First time I saw the City Hall, and the Central Park right in front of City Hall.  Took some pictures.  I think we were done around...  10:30am?  Then off to the bank to open an account.  We were done around...  12:30pm?  Then by myself I was off to Shin-Yurigaoka, 11 stations away on a local train (stops at every station) or 4 stations away on an express train (stops at select stations), to go to the immigration office.  It was around 1:15pm when I arrived at Shin-Yurigaoka so I had lunch first...  At Pap-parap-pap-pa!  Had a quarter pounder with cheese meal.  They have a double quarter pounder here.  Yay!  That'll be for next time...  :-D  And they have discounts if you eat between 11:00am and 2:00pm!  Anyways, I got to the immigration office around 1:40pm.  Took a number - got 192.  The number they were serving was still 96.  Guess what.  Got back to the school around 5:30pm.  Phew!  What a day.  And as a reward...  I'm having konbiini (convenience store) food for dinner!

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