15 May 2010


I feel so tired the whole day today, but more so now after biking 10 minutes to Yamada Denki (the "electrical" shop which sells computers and so on), and biking 10 minutes + walking uphill 5 minutes back.  Fun exploring these new places here in Atsugi by myself.  Actually I remember being accompanied 5 years ago by one of the then-masters students to Yamada.  But it's all a blur because we got there by car and so I didn't really enjoy the scenery and the other stores.  There's a "Wild-1" camping and fishing store.  And a Shoe Plaza.  And AOKI Men's Apparel.  By the way, remind me to buy a shoes as an extra pair when I get back to the Philippines.  I don't have any shoe size here!!!!  Are they all that short and small-footed?  Or, I am just too tall.  The bike ride was really fun.  Thank you Lord for the sunshine!  No rain so far...  Yikes, I hope it doesn't rain on my designated laundry day!

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