03 May 2010

Tired, but Thankful

After Three straight days of Two-on-Two basketball and a trip to Tachikawa on the outskirts of Tokyo...  And then making Tupi my newly washed clothes.  I felt Tired today, particularly after Tanghali.  Felt sleepy in the afternoon, I really wanted to nap.  I did, for a few minutes, on my desk, but I don't know how long a nap it was.  And no it wasn't that warm today, not like yesterday in Tachikawa and particularly inside the church when I regretted having to wear long sleeves under my polo shirt.  High today was around 24 degrees though, nice.  I took a little 20-minute jog at around 8pm.  I did that to get some food because... I don't know if that's how long rice really cooks but it takes really long here.  Is it my rice cooker, is it the type of rice (Japanese sticky rice), or both?

But anyways I am also Thankful that Today is a holiday.  And Tomorrow, Tuesday.  And on the Third day, Wednesday.  I am also Thankful that I finished my report for my Building Environmental Efficiency class, although is not due until Wednesday next week.  But I will be busy the Three school days (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday) prior to submission date, and even Friday, so better to finish early.  Some of the guys here are talking about taking a trip somewhere this weekend - I don't wanna miss that!  Anyways, now that I finished that one report, I have time to study for my other class, which is on the Atmospheric Boundary Layer, and to do a literature review for my research topic for which I have to meet up and discuss with my Professor on June 1st.  I am not so confident of having just 3 weeks for that.  But anyways, I have 3 weeks, I just need to plan my steps carefully and use the 3 weeks wisely. :-D

Oh, and Today I watched Terebi (Japanese for "TV" or television) on my "zero"-yen phone! :-D  It's free TV, so it's like as if I have a portable TV except it's built in my phone.  Actually, it's a slightly different technology that our traditional TVs have.  Read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1seg.

So, That's all for now.  I look forward to Tomorrow, Tuesday. :-D

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