08 June 2010

Busy But

Usual day except...  Yesterday afternoon we ordered a wireless router online (via Amazon.co.jp) and they said the estimated arrival date is Wednesday.  We were surprised it arrived this morning!  And so we tried to hook it up to one of our fellow students' internet connection at his apartment and voila, we are able to access the internet from our own apartments nearby.  Unfortunately the distance plus the presence of so many walls significantly affects the wireless signal strength.  Our fellow student's apartment is on the first floor, and I'm 3 units to his right, one the 2nd floor of another building!  But to me it's better than nothing.  Now I can check e-mail and stuff (and send texts and maybe make phone calls) with just 1/10 the number of steps going to "my office" in school.  "Office" is the term everyone uses here to refer to our room of cubicles and desks and personal computers assigned to us.  When other people hear the word "office", they ask, "Office???  I thought you were there to study or to do research????"  What else would you call a place where you are assigned a desk and a computer?  Besides, we're doing school work and research work anyway! :-D

By the way, yesterday I received international money order from my mom sent through by my Tita Ondet in the US.  So this morning I went to the post office to have it encashed and... well they can't encash it, not at that branch.  It's just a small branch here in suburban/rural Atsugi.  They suggested I try the one near (urban/downtown) Hon-Atsugi.  Oh well.  The money could wait a little.  But it's good to know I have some extra to spend now.  I do have enough to cover for my expenses until my next "salary" (or "allowance") arrives which is not until June 21st.  13 days to go.

Anyway, if there's any other good to cooking, it's that I am able to delay my expenses a bit (i.e. the gas bill arrives later).  I am able to save now - I have less expenses, but as I said I will be paying more for the utilities later than if I were not cooking.  Then again, I really like eating Filipino food.  :-D

Oh and I had two trips to the post office area actually.  The first time I just went and tried to recall where it was by memory.  I failed!  Before going the second time around, I asked around and checked Google maps.  Bingo. :-D

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