12 June 2010

Happy Independence Day!

...to all our Filipino compatriots (what a word) all over the world and in the Philippines. :-D

Woke up rather late - 11am.  Then I had lunch at the regular cafeteria and had bah-gah to poteto to chikin (burger, fries, and (fried) chicken) with side veggies, miso soup, and then pineapple for dessert.  Then seminar at 2pm.  Ended quite early compared to the previous ones.  Then I went to Atsugi Trellis for groceries.  My total grocery bill was 5000 yen!  But now I have stuff to cook sinigang again, postek again, adobong baboy, and Hainanese chicken.  Yup, Hainanese chicken, baby!

Then I got home and cooked.  Well, just the Hainanese chicken and the postek.  For dinner though, I had my last serving of picadillo and I attempted an okonomiyaki with it using my last two eggs (yikes!) which were set to expire tomorrow.  The eggs here have machine-stamped expiration dates on them!  Anyways, I failed in my okonomiyaki attempt.  I didn't know what it turned out to be.  But it is still food to be thankful for, of course. :-)  Oh and my last picadillo didn't have enough flavor (i.e. salt) and so...  Well it wasn't bad, considering it was only intended to fill my stomach, after I already had a plate of mixed sushi.  I bought sushi at the supah (supermarket/grocery), 10 pieces with maybe 4 different kinds of fish, an egg sushi, shrimp sushi, octopus or squid sushi and I don't know what else.  But it was yum-my.  With the wasabi of course.

At the supermarket, it was my first time to see what I think was wasabi in its raw form - Japanese horse radish.  Interesting.

Anyways, the Hainanese chicken I prepared didn't look like the Hainanese chicken I eat at restaurants. :-(  One difference is that I didn't buy whole chicken, but instead bought and cooked chicken breasts.  That makes a big difference.  But I hope it tastes great.  I might still buy cucumber for garnishing.  By the way, I followed the recipe here: http://chinesefood.about.com/od/poultryreceo/r/hainanchicken.htm.

One of the ingredients was sesame oil.  Coincidentally last Thursday's Nihongo class, sensei taught us what sesame is in Japanese, and then I asked what sesame oil is in Japanese because I already knew I needed to buy some.  But alas, I forgot the Japanese word for it and so I had to ask.  Unfortunately I left my English-Japanese dictionary (on my Palm TX) at home.  Fortunately, I bought my Japan-based cellphone which includes a very convenient English-Japanese dictionary!  And so I looked up sesame oil, but there was only an entry for sesame.  They understand what "oil" means anyway.  I showed some employee the Japanese characters for sesame and he said "goma no oil" meaning "oil of sesame."  I said yes.  Checking now, sesame oil is actually goma abura in Japanese.  Anyways, he gave me a bottle and I wasn't sure if it was correct...   But alas, it turned out to be sesame oil indeed.  Indeed, indeed.

Gosh I'm tired already.  And tomorrow is going to be a long day as well.  I still have stuff to buy at the grocery.  Oh and it's Open Campus here in TPU tomorrow.  Yup, on a Sunday.  And oh yeah, I also did the laundry today.  Another 3 batches (2 colors, 1 whites).  Something gave in in my washing machine during washing of one batch of colors - the lint collector - and so there was lint scattered all around the cotton clothes.  I had to wave them off of the clothes before I hung the clothes.

Amunip-amunip-amunip.  That's all folks! :-D

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