28 June 2010


Today was soooooooo hot.  Daytime high was 34 degrees, the highest it has been since I came here.  Did I mention yesterday was very hot as well?  Particularly last night.  Daytime high yesterday was 31, and nighttime low was 25, the highest it has been since I came here.  Very much like Manila in March or April.  It was uncomfortable in the apartment even late last night, because it tends to trap the heat inside - which is good for winter when the temperature could be close to freezing.  Anyways, you could really feel the heat indoors; I had my aircon on last night as well as through this morning.  The exhaust fan couldn't handle it anymore.  And as expected here to the west of a large body of water (i.e. the Pacific Ocean), just as in the Philippines, when it's hot, it becomes rain.  It is really rainy season now.  And now I can't imagine how hot it could be when "summer" really arrives; i.e. around mid-July.

For lunch, I had my "Kinilaw" pork and Adobong Kang-Kong.  The Kinilaw pork, although I've drained it already of a lot of oil/fat, it still is a little fatty and so I needed to heat it a bit and not eat it straight from the fridge to melt some of the solidified oil/fat.  The Adobong Kang-Kong was too salty (too much soy sauce, or not enough water).  For dinner, I had my Adobong Pork Chop.  As expected, the meat in Adobong Pork Chop is not as tasty compared to when you use the cut that is best for Adobo.  But it was good nonetheless.  Ate it with my usual salad greens and tomatoes.

Other than that, today is a busy day.  There's a (mathematical) problem related to my upcoming experiments that I'm having a little trouble with.  I hope to resolve it tonight or anytime soon!

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