10 June 2010


This day is the usual Thursday.  2 classes, 1 is Nihongo class.  I had lunch this time at the other cafeteria, the first one where you order by dish, not by the pound.  Well actually you can order a lot as well, but my bill was just 608 yen, much less than my usual 800 yen (minimum 700 yen, maximum 950 yen) at the by-the-pound cafeteria.  Not as much though, not as full, but fulfilling none the less.  Thank God for the blessings.

At Nihongo class, we learned how to read the calendar.  Not as straight forward as in English, but okay, something new learned today.

Then this evening, at 6:40pm, the PhD students and a few of the researchers met up at the TPU front gate to go to this restaurant, for the farewell dinner for the short-term researcher from Italy, Francesca-san.  The restaurant is Dohton-Bori, an Okonomiyaki restaurant.  It is just 10 minutes by bicycle from TPU.  There were 17 of us who went there.  Basically it's like "barbecue" or hot pot style where you cook the food yourselves on the table.  I thought it would be like one big table for all 17 of us, but we were split into so many tables with 4 people max per table.  Anyways everyone had a multi-course meal.  On our table, we were 4 very hungry men.  We had 3 kinds of okonomiyaki, then we had this... mokyujiyaki?  And yakisoba.  And gyoza and...  fried rice (forgot what it's called), similar to chao fan (Chinese fried rice).  Anyways, the fried rice was black fried rice - it had squid ink.  Felt like the Spanish paella.  The okonomiyaki is basically like omelet.  Two nights ago we visisted one of our Indian fellow students and he was preparing dinner, which was also much like omelet - lots of onions, and garlic sauteed although they mix it with the rice before serving.  Anyways, everything tasted good at Dohton-Bori.  Even the biiru. :-D  Total bill per person on our table: ~2500 yen.  That's 1500 yen for the biiru! :-(

Anyways, daytime high today was 29 degrees!  I love it!  Others found it too warm, so they turned up the air-conditioning - which was too cold for me.  I wonder when will I get used to the cooler weather.

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