06 June 2010

On the seventh day...

What a week.  My knee is still far below 100%.  But anyways, I had an all-Pinoy food day today.  Tapsilog for late brunch (or, "lunch" for short).  I realized though that I didn't cook the tapa well - I mean, I overdid them on one side! :(  Instead of worrying about just heart disease (with all that cholesterol), it also brought along some carcinogens with it.  Yikes.  One of the pitfalls of non-stick pans.  But hey, I ain't throwing my "wok pan" away.  My eggs looked better this time around because of it! :-D

And for dinner was...  Postek Tagalog (or Pork Steak), and some (Romaine?) lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Italian dressing (my favorite), and bacon-flavored bits (nope, not Bacos - but it's McCormick :-D).

Corpus Christi feast day...  And that's all for today, folks...

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