21 June 2010

Tired, but Thankful

Still tired from basketball and from my "walks" yesterday.  Woke up so late, I only had a light breakfast for lunch.  And then dinner.  So just one full meal for the day.  Also I was sleep very early so I went home relatively early, hoping to catch Mara via Skype or Chikka or Jumblo.  But no, internet was down at home. :-(

Anyways during the day, I wasn't so productive most likely due to my physical state.  For dinner I had my nilagang baboy - looks great with cabbage (or is it lettuce?) and pechay (or Chinese cabbage; bok choi / pak choi in Chinese)...  But it didn't have enough salt.  It was fine though; I still finished my dish.  Less salt I guess is better.  Two more servings of nilaga to go for the week.

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