21 July 2010


Busy day.  Went straight to class - the last day of our Wednesday class which is about evaluation of the environmental efficiency of buildings.  Then lunch.  I did the "2nd part" of the cooking for the Lechon Kawali, which was basically to fry it.  It was yum-mee.  Ate it with Dole sweet baby carrots (which are already peeled and ready to eat after some washing) and the typical sawsawan/sauce prepared and used by Pinoys for Lechon Kawali.  Then back to work.  Studied Nihongo a bit - because tomorrow it'll be a little tight because of some things I need to do and a shift in schedule.  We also went out to pay for our rent today.  We need to go with the "older" guys here because they know which buttons to press on the Japanese-only ATM rental payment service. It's a 5-minute bike ride away also; we can't just make payments from the ATMs right here in school.  We left school around 4:30pm instead of earlier because it was just too hot today!  37 degrees!!!  That's a record high since I came here, but I asked one of my Japanese colleagues and he says it is not totally unexpected, but yes it is not the usual summertime temperature highs they've experienced before.  It's exceptionally hot this summer here in Japan!  I heard somewhere up north, in Nikko, it was as high as 38.5 degrees!  This after having exceptionally low temperatures in April when I arrived, which was around 3 to 7 degrees.  This is already more than a 30 degree temperature difference in a matter of 3 months!  But, again we are talking about extremes here (or nearly extremes, is the worst yet to come?).  It is all just unusual.  I look around and it seems that the houses look less attractive and homey; ah the weather really has something to do with it.  Last year when I went to the US east coast also around summertime there, it was so hot, I didn't feel like I was in the US, because all of my previous visits where in the Bay Area (west coast) and during early spring (between March and June) or at the start of winter (sometime between November and February).  And then dinner.  Dinner was also yum-mee.  It was Nilaga.

My Nilaga "feels" different this time, because previously I was using this more like a lettuce veggie, but now I am really using cabbage which I think goes better with Nilaga.  I still used pechay, of course.

Anyways, about tomorrow, basically a medical check-up was scheduled for me at 12 noon since I missed the one scheduled in early April.  I was told I cannot move the schedule, and so I told my professor for my 11-12:30 class tomorrow.  Thankfully, he and all my classmates agreed to move the class to 1:30-3:00.  So my schedule tomorrow is like, 12-12:30 medical check-up, 12:30-1:30 lunch, 1:30-3 wind engineering class, 3-4:30 Nihongo class.  Yikes!  So that's why today I'm already studying for Nihongo tomorrow.

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