19 July 2010

Hot! but Yumm!

Well if we were talking about the weather, no surprise there.  Daytime high this "Marine Day" holiday Monday was 36 degrees!  Hot indeed!

But we might as well be talking about the Thai cuisine we tried, at a restaurant called "Guan" in downtown Atsugi.  We could have biked going there, but it was so hot, so we took the bus.  Going to and coming from.

We ordered pad thai (noodles; they also call it "yakisoba" so that it's a little bit familiar for the Japanese, but obviously it is very different from yakisoba), beef green curry, and this spicy seafood dish that tasted more like Chinese than Thai food.  But they were all yumm.

Shouldn't I say yummY?  Well, for 3 and a half people (Ali-san, Okada-san, and me and my belly), those 3 dishes just weren't enough; no, not for me.  We even had 1 and 2/3 cups of rice each.  And all-you-can-drink water.  So yeah, it's bitin.  Yumm.

Right after lunch we went straight back to TPU, which was again on Open Campus mode.  A lot of high school students were there, possibly seniors graduating soon and looking for a college to go to.

And then it was busy, busy, busy.  In the evening, I finished two of the yon-pizu left of my nana-pizu chicken. :-D

By the way, I was able to get back my RONJIE.COM domain name.  So if you enter RONJIE.COM on your web browser's address bar, you would be brought to my main homepage, from which you can find a link to this blog.  God is good! :-)

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