17 July 2010

So close, yet so far away

The date was set, 12noon to eat lunch at a Thai restaurant near Hon-Atsugi.  I wasn't really invited, so I "thickened my face" (hahaha, that's a Filipino expression and it's supposedly in Filipino) and volunteered to come with.  12noon came... and went.  It was postponed for Monday lunch.  I was hoping to start this true long weekend right.  True because on other long weekends we would have a seminar on Saturday, making it only really a two-day weekend.  Right because it is a long weekend, and Monday's holiday is called Marine Day (or "Sea Day") and technically I should be out enjoying the sea!  I haven't really dipped in saltwater this year, have I?  Yes or no, I want to now!!!  It is so hot.  It is so summer!  Can't wait to make a full turn of all 4 seasons.  Can't imagine winter!  1 degree Celsius!

Anyways, so we're here in the now, without any lunch date anymore.  It is sad.  So I had to pamper myself.  I got me a Salt & Lemon Chicken, "Poteto," and Corn Syrup.  Also known as Salt & Lemon McChicken, French Fries, and Coke (which comes with high-fructose corn syrup).  Well, the chicken tasted great.  Tasted salty and lemony in just the right kind of way.  I'm lovin' it.  Oh, this is the nearby McDonald's I talked about 3 months ago on this same blog.  Pap-parap-pap-pa...

Actually while I headed for McDonald's, I knew there was another restaurant beside it, named "Skylark Gusto Cafe/Restaurant."  On its windows were posters of what looks like Tapsilog.  Mmm, I thought about trying that out first.  Maybe they have healthier food than McDonald's.  So I parked the bike, got inside, and...  There was what seemed like a line of people queued up to sit.  But there was no attendant.  There was one person that seemed to be the maitre'd, but he ignored me.  I really didn't know what was going on.  It seemed like there were so many empty tables.  Then again, it seemed like there were few wait-people (waiters and waitresses) and maybe they're too busy.  I stood there for a minute and nothing.  So I guess it was a sign: "Go pamper yourself at McDonald's."  Why are things good to the senses (in this case, the sense of taste) bad for the body?

From McDonald's, I thought I was already halfway between TPU and the grocery so what the heck, I thought I should go grocery shopping already.  And so I did.  I bought stuff for making Nilaga, Ginisa, and...  I'm still debating whether I'll make Lechon Kawali or Pork Steak.

Anyways, I did not yet cook anything today though because I felt so exhausted.  I took lunch at McDonald's around 1:30 or 2:00pm.  I got to the supermarket around 3pm and left maybe around 4pm.  It was clear skies and a sunny day.  It was really, really hot!  And that, plus playing basketball last night, probably contributed to my exhaustion.

I was also thinking about going to the Toys R' Us here in Atsugi.  Yes!  Yes, there's a "Toizarasu" here in our small little town!  Well, Atsugi, land area-wise isn't small.  Hey and we have plenty of McDonald's here.  So we're not really small.  But anyways, again I was too tired to go there.  It's a 20-minute ride on slope (downhill going to, uphill coming from) each way to the place.  Hopefully Monday.  Tomorrow is the 3rd Sunday of the month which means downtown Atsugi (after mass) for me. :-)

By the way, dinner was konbini food.  I craved for egg.  I haven't eaten egg in a while.  So I got some salad with half an egg in it.  And I also got this gyudon (rice topping), which also has some egg. :-D  I was surprised to learn that the dressing that comes with the salad is a Ceasar.  Love it! :-)

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