15 July 2010

Start of summer?

Oh and as if on cue, today being July 15, the middle of July, summer sets in.  Well it's not exact.  Basically, by next week, it really is summer.  Highs have been in the 30s in Celsius (mid-80s in Fahrenheit) the past week actually.  And the forecast for today, tomorrow, and the days after that are sunshine, mostly sunshine, and sunshine, respectively!  Hmmm, the thought occurred to me that in 6 months' time, the temperatures here will be near zero (or in the 30s in Fahrenheit)!

Apparently, our last days of classes are next week.  And I heard we don't have a seminar this Saturday and that this coming Monday is a holiday (long weekend!), "Marine Day," and that for one week in August (maybe the 2nd week), TPU will be closed so it's sahmah bakeishon time!  I really wanna swim in warm water.  No, definitely not hot like in hot springs, or cold like I think the seawater will still be cold here even during this "summer" time.  I hope not.  We'll see.  :-)

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