07 July 2010

Template + Learn Nihongo

Here is going to be what you will often hear from me now: Anyways, today was work, work, work.  And then more work.  Lunch was picadillo.  Dinner was nilagang beef again.  :-)

That's the template for describing my usual days here as a PhD student.  Except maybe on weekends when I do get a chance to go to town and go around.

Anyways, if you are interested, here are free, easy, short online lessons about Nihongo, the Japanese language:


If you are more serious about learning Nihongo, I would recommend signing up for a Nihongo class near your area, or get an online tutor for Nihongo.  Otherwise, learning from the above links could help you if you're just visiting Japan for a few days, like, as a tourist.

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