27 July 2010


Woke up a little late, had pork steak lunch and a little cleaning first before going to school.  5pm came and it was basketball time.  It was 3-on-3 this time, which was better for me.  Not yet 100%, but I managed to stay a little competitive.  No betting though.  We played a total of 3 games, I think.  And I think we won only one game?  Or none, I forgot.  So as usual, right after basketball and a shower, I went straight home for my first adobong manok dinner.  It was perfect.  Ate it with steamed pechay.  After that very nice dinner and a little cleaning up again, I felt so tired, I decided not to go back to the office anymore.  I hope to sleep earlier today and be early to school tomorrow. :-)

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