04 August 2010

Busy + Bball

Busy day today, though I got to the office a little late.  I woke up late and so I had lunch first at home before going to the office.  For lunch and dinner, I ate my 2nd and last batch of steak and eggs (or "steakalog" - steak, kanin, and itlog - as Mara would call it), and finally gave a chance to my nilagang baboy.  Not bad.  After four days of waiting, my nilagang baboy was happy that it finally realized its purpose: to meet my stomach.  :-D  We also played basketball today, where we won only 1 of 3 games.  It was so hot (and the gym is enclosed), the air-con can't function that well, it was more difficult than usual to play.  Anyways, I was gaining some momentum in the work I'm doing and so I stayed in school until 1am or 2am already.

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