09 August 2010

Busy Monday

Slept and woke up a little late yet again.  I went to school just a little past lunch time already, but there was lunch already waiting for me there.  Last Saturday, one of the professors bought lunch from the convenience store and he was not able to eat it so he gave it away to the students.  It was pork, I think, and so the non-pork-eating guys can't eat it, meanwhile the pork-eating guys were full and so they passed it on to me.  The dish was a spicy kind of pork steak of very thinly sliced pork with some onions and chili and cabbage, on top of rice.  The kind professor also gave away chicken Ceasar salad to go with the rice and pork dish.  I ate my lunch past 2pm already.  Generally it was a busy day for me as I had only today and the next two days before the school closes down for the 6-day long summer break.

For dinner I went straight home and cooked all 1kg of my marinated BBQ ribs.  It was looking and smelling really good.  When I ate the ribs, oops.  They didn't taste as good as they looked or smelled.  But it was still good, nonetheless.  I ate them with my leftover nilagang veggies from last week's nilagang baboy.

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