12 August 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

Last night, I stayed up really late - until around 5:30am - to prepare my body clock for the Fuji climb.  Woke up really late today.  2pm.  I have practically nothing to do today.  Of course I had my brunch first, which was the last of my frankfurters, together with the last of my leftover fried chicken from last week, and the last of my pechay (steamed) for the week.  Then, bam!  My knee and leg muscles hurt, after all that running (and running during basketball) last Tuesday and cycling to downtown Atsugi yesterday.  Uh-oh, I hope I'll be fine for our climb tomorrow!

Anyways, indeed it was quite a wet day today and it was well and good that we did not push through with the Fuji climb today.

And with bed weather comes...  More sleep.  Because I have nothing much to do, I watched something online and fell asleep for about four hours from 6pm to 10pm.  And then I was hungry and so I bought food from the convenience store.  I had that salad with a yummy sesame-tasting dressing and half an egg, and a pack of burgers, chicken nuggets, fried chicken bits, and potato poppers that I ate with ketchup.  I also bought my carbohydrate-laden lunch for tomorrow, just before our Mt Fuji trip starts.  Unfortunately, I was really hoping to buy red/meat sauce spaghetti and creamy gratin (pronounced gruh-tun) like I did a few weeks back, but they didn't have it.  So I settled for this chow mein looking dish and this doria, which is like rice/risotto with some creamy topping.  Not exactly my ideal meal before a climb up a 3776m high mountain.

Anyways, I intended to sleep really late again today, to prepare my body clock for the Fuji climb.

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