02 August 2010

Need for Medicine

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.  When I watch anything offline or online, I always choose comedy.  Or funny old action films (i.e. they're action supposedly but you laugh at how they make movies back in the day).  I can feel how other kinds of movie genres have an effect on my overall well-being the next day.

Anyways, today I woke up relatively early, after that long rest (a.k.a. Sunday, the 1st of August).  So I went to the office early.  Last Saturday when I did my grocery shopping, I didn't buy yet all the milk and juices I need for the week because I bought so much already, my bicycle can't carry all that weight anymore.  And so I left relatively early for lunch but also to continue my grocery shopping.

So, me not feeling well, I had to go for "medicine," things that would make me feel good and comfortable at least for a little while.  This in my dictionary is also known as "McDonald's."  :-D  I had me a quarter pounder with cheese meal.  Just once a week (or every two weeks) is fine, right?  I exercise twice a week anyways, not counting my walking to and from school, and bicycle rides to and from the grocery or Hon-Atsugi. :-)

Then off to the grocery I went, and got what I came for.  And then I felt it again - not having enough energy.  And so I bought even more "medicine."  Nilagang Baboy and Nilagang Manok was waiting for me at home, and I thought those won't help me feel a little more energetic.  And so I bought me 1 pack (4 slabs) of some kind of steak (tenderloin?  I wasn't sure).  Actually since this morning, I was craving for Tapsilog.  Now, the Tapa requires marinating overnight and so on, and so that's why I bought steaks instead.  So of course I also bought eggs.  And then back home I went.  Have I mentioned it is summer?  And it is so much hotter here now than in Manila.

Back home, so I "grilled" up the steaks for dinner and fried a couple of eggs as well.  I really have a hard time making perfectly good-looking sunny-side up eggs (hmmm, maybe the sunny side up look helps make you feel better and more energized - and that's why it's good for breakfast).  And so, while it didn't look great, it was enough to meet my "medicinal" requirements.  After frying grilling the steaks, I cut them up so they feel like Tapa.  And Voila, Tapsilog.  Made me feel really good.  :-)  I didn't finish all the steak and eggs, of course, so I have some left for another meal.

Other than all that and the usual summer weather, it is a normal busy day today.

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