16 August 2010

Videos on YouTube

In case you cannot access the full videos on Multiply or Facebook, here they are, in 4 parts, on YouTube.


These are each under 10 minutes; if you want to download them to your computer, you can use the free YouTube Downloader. In case you wanna view them instantly, here they are, embedded in this webpage.

Anyways, here's a cool video of the Mt Fuji climb by a more professional climber and video blogger.  It was done during daytime and off-season (no people!) so you can see what the terrain and what the views are really like.  No sunrise or sunset here though, but probably even cooler - you get to see Mt Fuji cast a triangular shadow over one of the adjacent cities.  The website address is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5cReCc6lDU, but the video is embedded below for your convenience.  It's a little over 21 minutes but it is a good overview of the 8-14 hour trip people would take.

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