29 November 2010

Cool washing machine? Or laundromat? Or onsens?

Washing Machine/Air Conditioner Combo Saves Space, Chills Clothes. Wait a minute, air conditioners or at least their blower/indoor component are supposedly elevated and so no space is taken away, right? Ah, their outdoor/condenser component might be the one that doesn't have space. Okay, maybe this'll work. The author though makes a suggestion that people here in Japan could consider as a better alternative: go to a laundromat instead, which saves even more space. But I read from a comment on another blog post that some locals here might not like the idea of using a laundromat because they'll be using the same machine which other people has also used with their soiled clothes. The commentor then wondered, what about onsens where people dip in the same pool? The local guy he was talking to said, it's not the same. Sure, it's not 100%. Because the idea in onsens is the people shower and wash up first before they dip. But still, some bodily fluids (i.e. sweat, because it is hot inside the onsen, of course) creep out of you and you would then be sharing that with others. Meanwhile, some people tend to smell when they sweat, i.e. they have something on their outer skin that interacts with the sweat that causes that smell - you could likewise be sharing that "something" with others! I think a laundromat is better because there is a two degree separation between you and other people - your clothes and their clothes. At onsens, there is just one degree of separation between you and other people - the water. At laundromats, your clothes and their clothes go in there dirty, but they come out clean and the inside is essentially clean (or else your clothes aren't). At onsens, you and they come in there clean - on the outside - but again, it's those bodily fluids and the presence of "something" are still there. Then again, I dunno if they have any effect in hot water. Well, it's all about beliefs. I don't mind going to onsens or using laundromats - onsens are practically the same thing as swimming pools and even the sea! Or public toilets. Just one degree of separation between you and others. I just don't like onsens because of the nudity - yours and others'!

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